Expecting the Unexpected – IVF/Preemie/Toddler

March 11, 2010

I’ve Moved- well sort of

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Just letting you know that I have moved to http://shazzambabyquest.blogspot.com/ .  This was my old blog before I moved across to wordpress.  Everything has been moved over there except for the pictures.

Now I will be keeping this Blog and the reason being is that you can’t password protect certain posts on Blogger.  You either password protect the whole Blog or not, so I will be keeping this to post any pictures.  I will just add a link during my post.

I’ve desided to move because you can’t add any theme you want on wordpress (yes silly reason I know) and I just want something different.

Hopefully I will see you there!!!


March 9, 2010

New Blogging Site

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Thinking of moving my Blog back to my old site.  I have updated it with all the info on here but will keeping this one as Blogger don’t have Password protect for what ever posts you want.

So head over and tell me what you think…should I keep this one or move?

Also a couple of you have been nominated for the Beautiful Bloggers award so go have a look.


March 4, 2010

Name Change & A Round up

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It was a hard choice but I have decided to change my Blogs name…..well really it makes sence too as the Quest I was on has come true.  I went with Expecting the Unexpected due to my TTC years and that was  – I didn’t expect to be infertile, I didn’t expect to have to go through IVF, I didn’t expect it to take 11 transfers, I didn’t expect a preemie baby, I didn’t expect him to make it to a toddler due to his prematurity and by far I didn’t expect toddler time to be so full on.
I still remember having my first appointment with our first Fertility Specalist and hearing those words ….. I can’t see why it won’t take long to happen but little did he know I must of killed some important people in my past life, walked under millions of ladders and past black cats because if it was going to happen it was going to happen to me. 
Mis-diagnose burst appendix  at 16, the larva from that almost melts my insides and I am left with scar tissue growing around my tubes to close them tighter than a frogs butt.  I then have a laperoscopy to find out why Chlomid isn’t working.  Last words I hear is 1 in 5000 people end up with a knicked bowel….drum roll, there were 4999 happy women out there …. where is my trophey??  So what should of taken an hour took  an ambulance to a level 2 hospital and 6 days in hospital.  There I was diagnosed infertile….. fantastic…. did someone leave that bit out of the story of my growing up and living happily ever after!  Six transfers later a BFP….14w 5d another ambulance ride to hospital, layed around for 5 hrs, told to pee in a cup told I had a UTI and give pills….no scan and no internal.  On way to OBS ….POP and GUSH, I am induced and deliver my daughter at 16w 2d.  Eleventh transfer a BFP, 18w membranes buldging, first hospital where I lost my daughter wanted to terminate, discharge myself and got to the Royal Womens, emergency stitch put in and I am 3cm dialated.   Hospital bedrest for 7 weeks constantly being told by what ever hospital I got moved to that it wouldn’t  last and I would loose the pregnancy, 25 weeks cord prolapse and emergency C-section….my son born at 25 weeks at 845g.  Didn’t bond with him for 2 days, didn’t want to bond with something I was going to lose.   Called in twice to say goodbye to him and 153 days in NICU & SCN.  Then we almost loose our brand new house in the Black Saturday Bushfires in 09.   And the unlucky person award goes too………….. trust me don’t ever rub me for luck!
Now in saying all that I was blessed my son survived and my house survived.  M is one of the best things that has ever happened to me (besides meeting my best friend….my husband).  And I have to say I am totally shocked in how much a baby grows within their first year.  These defensless little things are born and within a year most are talking, feeding themselves, crawling and walking, have attitude and already know what they like and dislike.  We as humans are the most amazing thing when young in that it’s all imbuilt into us on what to do within our first couple of years of life.  I didn’t teach M how to crawl or stand up or walk…..he already knew how to do it and when he was going to do it and before you know it, you have blinked and my baby boy has grown up to be my toddler with spunk and a bit of attitude!

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